Policy of corporate social responsibilities (CSR)

           Tycoons Worldwide Group (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tycoons) has been formulated the policy of corporate social responsibility), we comprehend the importance of helping and supporting society, community, and maintaining environment continuously; Tycoons also takes consideration of likely influence to stakeholders, such as stockholders、employees, the community where we belongs, customers, suppliers, government, societies and nations; we formulate the direction that allowed employees can participate our corporate social responsibility policy together, there are the following eight points:

1 Equitable Business

           Tycoons complies with laws and regulations, and when we are in the process of manufacturing, we producing the products with safe, reliable, well packaged, good performance and in accordance with standards. To our customers, we abides by the contracts, competes fairly, do product advertising honestly and sincerely, takes response action immediately while clients complains happened, and provides products information completely and correctly. To our suppliers, we select suppliers fairly. We must follow contracts’ arrangements which already committed trading conditions and fulfilled the contracts to complete the transactions. Moreover, we treat suppliers in an impartial manner and create a mutual beneficial situation aggressively. According to corporate governance, we disclose financial information, business situations and organization structure, and respect for intellectual property rights.

2 Anti-bribery and corruption

           We formulate the policy that prohibit company’s directors, management levels and staffs conducted or accepted various forms of bribe and corruption, either directly or indirectly, and make sure in accordance with policy to execute and review.

3 Respecting human rights

           We respect the rights of employees and other stakeholders, we have no discrimination with races, colors, religions, genders, nationalities, ages, disability or other situations that been considered as human rights. Our company will esteem human rights appropriately and spread around the corporate operation, to eliminate unfair, discrimination, harass and infringe on various rights.

4 Do justice to employees

           The most important thing in corporate operation is employees, therefore, we should improving employees’ job satisfaction and treat every employees in fair, helping their development and obtaining remuneration and appropriate welfare, providing safe and healthy work environment to our employee. The caring responsibilities should include offer necessary facilities of health and emergency first aid, eliminate enforced labor in any forms, repeal child labor, eliminate the discrimination of hired and profession, provide equal opportunities of employment is the company’s main responsibilities and regard as the social responsibilities.

5 Take responsible to consumers

           Provide service with high quality, offer safe, useful and applicable products, provide information in correct, on time, and the system of supervision with intact and well-structured, which have characteristics with check and track, it can disclose sufficient information about important issue of company.

6 Environmental protection

           For the sustainable development of the company and the survival of mankind, we fulfill our environmental responsibilities in pollution prevention and environment protection, the Company set up the environmental management system with effective implementation, obey environmental law and enforce to practice, reduce pollution for continuative improvement and pollution prevention of environmental by concerning technique, save resources and valuable resources, enforce prevention of all possible accidents and stop the expanding of accident.

7 Participate community or society developing

           The Company realize level of education, culture, quality of life, safe and sanitation of community, and considering enterprise’s operation will influence environment, we will actively participate government and community’s activities, contributing to economic welfare of community and social development, encouraging our employees join community’s public service activities.

8 Implement innovation about responsibilities for social、environmental and stakeholders, and disseminate innovation

           Tycoons will seeking newer, better and timely management and production mode constantly in our operation, improve and implement well corporate governance, create profit to stockholders as feedback, respect the rights of other stakeholders, maintain and improve safety and health of employees, cultivate mutual trust between enterprise and society where we operated in, participation in social care, maintain and improve facilities to saving energy、reduce wastewater、litter、exhaust emissions, reduce pollution, protection of environmental sustainability.

Effective date: November 13, 2014.