Dividend Policy
           The dividend payment policy of the Company must be taken into consideration first before deciding to pay a dividend, including operation results and financial status, the company’s liquidity, business expansion and other factors related to management of the Company, and prepared the profits distribution list by the board of directors in the following order, and only for dividend payment must be agreed upon at shareholders meeting.
           If there is any profit after the final accounts of such fiscal year, the company may allocate the profits in the following order, provided that the company shall first apply such profits to pay off its tax payment then compensate for its accumulated losses:

                   1. Set five percent of the remaining profits as reserve fund.

                   2. Upon properly reserving reserve fund, set one percent of the remainder of the profits as directors’ bonus.

                   3. Upon properly reserving reserve fund, the employees’ bonus shall be set in the range between two to five percent of the remainder of the profits.

                   4. After items 1 to 3 are properly reserved, at least forty percent of the remainder of the profits plus retained earnings-unappropriated of previous year shall be set as dividends (deducting the distributed interim dividends). The dividends to be distributed in the form of cash shall not be less than fifty percent of the distributable dividends. No distribution shall be allowed if divided per share is less than THB 0.2.