Wire Rod are classified by uses as six kinds :

A.General Use
Wire Rod is usually made by Low Carbon Steel which is shrinked billet's diameter size from 5.5mm - 19mm to the desired size with cold-drawing method, and coated zinc plated to prevent corrosion. General use of wire rod is to produce nail, wire-netting, barbed wire, wire mesh and so forth.

B.Welding Wire
After cold-drawing, wire rod can be made as welding wire. There are two kinds of welding wires, one is metal inert gas (MIG) welding, the other is covered electrode. Welding wire's properties are highly chemical mixing and sulfur content less than 0.023%.

Fasteners are made from wire which is high tension, high price and Carbon content less than 0.5%. There are three steps in manufacturing Fasteners: heading, thread rolling, and zinc plating. Many types of fasteners, such as nuts, screws, bolts, pins, anchor bolts, thread rod and sockets, are strongly tied to many industries, especially automobiles, appliances, commercial construction.

D.Construction Industry
High Carbon Steel Coils are widely used in industrial purposes, such as :
(A) Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire (PC Steel Wire) for reinforced concrete structures
(B) PC strand wire for large, high-quality construction
(C) Wire rope for cable use

High Carbon Steel wire rod are also used in springs, such as :
(A) Hard-drawn Steel Wire & Oil Tempered Steel Wire for mechanical springs
(B) Oil Tempered Piano Wire for Valve spring & Oil Tempered Piano Wire

F.Automobile Industry
To use in reinforced tires,wire rod need to be drawn as wire which has small diameter between 0.15mm - 0.38mm and has the property of high tension & high intensity to face any non - destructive production process.

wire rod Production Flow Chart :

The manufacturing process of the wire rod is using billet as the base material through eight steps as straightening, shot blast cleaning, magnetic test, grinding, heating, rough rolling, intermediate rolling, fine rolling.

Billet Straightening

Magnetic Test

Surface Grinding

Billet Heating

Rough Rolling

Intermediate Rolling

Fine Rolling

Upsetting test